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“Let’s Limit Litters”


Discount Vouchers for Spay and Neuter Now Available!


Westview Veterinary Hospital

  • Feline Neuter $85.00

  • Feline Spay   $85.00

  • Canine Neuter $140.00

  • Canine Spay $175.00


Purchase your voucher at the shelter,

Monday thru Friday 1-5pm & Saturday 1-4pm

Schedule your appointment at:

Westview Veterinary Hospital

Oak Harbor Veterinary Hospital

Lakeshore Veterinary Hospital


Voucher Fees Are Non-Refundable

Must present voucher at time of appointment

Cash, Debit/Credit Card (an additional processing fee will be charged for debit/credit card transactions

These vouchers are available to anyone and do not expire.

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