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When you sponsor a homeless pet at the Humane Society of Sandusky County, you help that animal in ways that can’t even be counted. Being a sponsor means you are giving vital funds to help to care for homeless and unwanted pets until we find them the new homes they badly need and deserve. Whether you sponsor a dog or a cat, it makes a difference, helping out until they can be adopted.

How Your Sponsorship Gift Helps

You can sponsor any adoptable pet at the HSSC, we are a home between homes for up to 200 animals on any given day. Pets here stay as long as the need is there, receiving plenty of love and companionship until they find loving families of their own. Your donation goes towards helping all the pets in our care, not just the one you have picked. Your gift means we can ensure pets are vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed, spayed/neutered and receive any other veterinary treatment they need. Your generous donations will also help fund everyday essentials, like food, beds, exercise and toys

Pet sponsorship gifts support the work of the Humane Society of Sandusky County. To assist the greatest number of animals in need, and to make sure your gift does the most good, your donation will be used in combination with other sponsorship gifts to help save the lives of animals.

Sponsor an Animal
Animal Sponsorship FAQs

We are delighted that you are considering sponsoring an animal at the Humane Society of Sandusky County. There are dogs and cats who can be sponsored. Your compassion means so much to homeless pets. Below are some answers to frequently asked questions about sponsorship gifts.

  • Why sponsor?

We all know we cannot adopt every animal that pulls on our heartstrings, but we can still make a profound difference on animals in need. Our animal sponsorship program allows you to make a tax-deductible donation that will support our rescued dogs and cats!  Many of our rescued dogs and cats have veterinary expenses that exceed the amount of their adoption fees. Your contribution will assist in offsetting these expenditures and ensure that we can continue to save more animals going forward! 

  • What is a sponsorship gift?

A sponsorship gift is a one-time gift of at least $25 or a recurring gift made in honor of an animal at HSSC. You can sponsor an animal in your own name, or as a gift for someone else.

  • What does my sponsorship go toward?

Sponsorship gifts support the work of the Humane Society of Sandusky County. Every day, nearly 2,200 dogs and cats are killed in shelters across the country, but together we are changing that. Your gift helps animals find homes, get medical care, and receive spay/neuter, and more. In order to make sure that your gift has the greatest impact and helps save the maximum number of lives, its use will not be restricted to the individual care of your sponsored animal, but wherever it is needed most.

  • Which animals can I sponsor?

Visit our website or Facebook page, all our animals are available to be sponsored, you can choose any animal at the Shelter!

  • Will anyone else sponsor my pet?

People can choose to sponsor the same pet as you – some can be very popular.

  • Can I sponsor more than one pet?

You can sponsor as much, or as little, as you would like, every dollar helps!

  • I want an update about my sponsored animal. Is that possible?

Because our caregivers are very busy providing daily care and enrichment for the approximately 200 animals who are at the shelter on any given day, they are not able to provide updates-on-demand for sponsored animals.  

  • What do sponsors receive?

When you become a HSSC pet sponsor you receive a thank you email which includes a certificate with a photo of your chosen pet.

In addition to this, for recurring sponsorships, each quarter you will receive an email update telling you how your sponsored pet is doing. And best of all we’ll tell you when we have found them a new home and set them on the road to a happy future thanks to you.

  • Can I help my sponsorship animal get adopted?

Yes! Sharing your animal’s story and helping him or her find a home is one of the best things you can do for your sponsored pet. Sharing their profile on social media is a great idea.

  • If my sponsorship animal is adopted, can I talk to the family who adopted the animal/can I get updates?

The family or adopter may want privacy. However, we do occasionally get their permission to share their stories on Facebook, so be sure to check!

  • What do you get out of sponsoring?

Even though you're not adopting, you still receive the joy of knowing you helped provide care for the animal(s) you choose to sponsor.  Because of generous people like you, Humane Society of Sandusky County continues to save animals that may otherwise be euthanized, neglected, or abused.


Ways to Sponsor

As a sponsor, you can establish reoccurring donations that will help different rescue animals throughout the year, or you can make a one-time contribution. Once you've decided you want to sponsor a pet go to the webpage of the animal you want to sponsor, then click the link "Sponsor This Pet."  Once there, you will be able to choose the amount of your sponsorship and designate one time or reoccurring payments.

Thank you for considering to sponsor an animal in need. Together we can diminish the unnecessary suffering of animals and be the voice for those who cannot speak.



If you’re unable to adopt, then you can sponsor a pet instead!


Sponsoring is simple and easy, yet you will still have an attachment to a pet! Would you like to adopt a pet, but you have a landlord that won't let you adopt? SPONSOR A PET! You can't adopt a pet because you have allergies? SPONSOR A PET! You already have your maximum number of pets, but you see that special animal that you want… SPONSOR A PET! You love animals but you just don't have the time to care for a pet…SPONSOR A PET! You have a Birthday or Anniversary and don't now what to buy…SPONSOR A PET!


Remember the name of the pet below, then click the sponsor button on this page. After choosing your sponsorship amount and entering your payment information, list the animals name you would like to sponsor in the message area, along with any other information you would like to send.   THANK YOU!

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